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The good old biased News and Observer just can’t admit the North Carolina economy might be better since Governor McCrory and the new conservative majority in the Legislature began cleaning up the fiscal hole of deficits and high taxes Governor Perdue and the Democrats clobbered us with.

A breathless breaking story says our real unemployment rate is 12.1% counting discouraged and underemployed workers. No context about any progress.

For the record, before Governor McCrory and the conservative Legislature balanced the budget and cut taxes, the rate was 16.3% in North Carolina and 14.7% nationally.

Now it’s 12.1% in North Carolina and 12% nationally .

So we’re still reducing unemployment faster than the nation even using the broadest measure of unemployment.

We’ll never have a boom until Washington gets out of the way. But fiscal responsibility in Raleigh is helping us out perform on jobs.