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Ned Barnett has a short fuse when it comes to State Senate Republicans. And Senator Bob Rucho really angered the editorial page Editor with a few recent comments.

First, the Senator noted North Carolina is creating jobs thirty percent faster than the nation as a whole. And Ned can’t stand that fact showing conservative reform is helping people. So he declared “The Republicans’ forays into a same-sex marriage ban and abortion restrictions have scared off tech companies.” (N&O 2015)

No tech? Doesn’t square with the facts, Ned. Forbes just named Raleigh the country’s 3rd hottest job market, Information Technology calls it a top city for tech pros in 2015 and Triangle Business Journal writes “Looking for a technology job? Head to North Carolina, the third fastest-growing state for tech employees in the first half of the year, according to Dice’s analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.” (TBJ 2015)

And the North Carolina Technology Association says we are first in the share of female tech employment and “ the Tar Heel State is second only to Virginia in the growth rate of the number of high-tech businesses in the state.” (TBJ 2015)

According to Mr. Barnett, the Senator is guilty of another sin. He wants more people working and fewer people on welfare or as Rucho puts it “And we’re opposed to that (welfare dependency). We want to give people a chance to work their way out of that and have a chance to have a better life and take care of their family,”

Sounds like President Clinton who signed a welfare reform work requirement ( which President Obama weakened ) because President Clinton said “this legislation provides an historic opportunity to end welfare as we know it and transform our broken welfare system by promoting the fundamental values of work, responsibility, and family.” (Clinton 1996)

Back in Clinton’s day, a News and Observer columnist wrote a piece entitled ‘What We’ll Miss About Welfare ‘ quoting a professor as Gospel that ‘Under the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act that Clinton agreed to sign, the head of most families on welfare would have to find work in two years, or lose benefits. “Real children will die from this,” she said (8/16/96)

The sky never fell and the children didn’t die. Welfare reform made America better just like Senator Rucho and the conservative majority are making North Carolina better.